Gold Ore Crusher

Gold Ore Crusher

Gold ore crusher is a kind of gold ore ore ore step by step, from the chunk of the original gold mine (500mm or so) step by step to the millimeter-scale fine material of the mechanical equipment, usually using gold ore dryers Lean ore for enrichment operations, the enrichment of gold ore ore into the ball mill for grinding, and then use the wet method of separation and extraction of iron powder.Service online

Detailed Introduction

Gold ore crusher process

Gold ore crushing process in the general use of the feeder, the first broken, two broken, sieving, crushing, dry selection of these processes, for the sake of economy, usually into the dry election machine ore finer grain size, gold ore The higher the proportion of dry election. Some small concentrator directly to the fine jaw broken broken gold ore dry election operations, resulting in a very serious waste of natural resources. Therefore, the choice of the most economical mode of production, the maximum gold ore dry rate to improve the gold ore dressing units must face and research topics. At present, the domestic individual mineral processing units use a lot of traditional hammer broken, which is a low investment cost of production mode, not only the production efficiency is low, but also cause a great waste of natural resources.

Gold ore production operations in the general use of jaw-type gold ore crusher, large-scale production units (especially large foreign mines) using rotary gold ore crusher. Jaw gold ore crusher is the most traditional and most stable and reliable coarse crushing equipment, the application of the most extensive range. 2013 jaw gold ore crusher manufacturing process and technical level has been very mature, as long as the use of regular manufacturers of products, are able to meet the design and production requirements.

Gold ore crushing production process, the two break the general selection of two types: either fine jaw broken, or is a cone gold ore crusher. Fine jaw broken generally used for smaller gold ore field selection, the value of its equipment is low, simple structure, easy maintenance. However, the fine jaw broken discharge port can only be adjusted to a minimum of 25mm, so its crushing particle size is generally below 40mm. Cone gold ore crusher structure is more complex, high value of equipment. However, its larger production, broken particle size is smaller, wear parts when the longer life. Therefore, the cone gold ore crusher in the larger gold ore field is widely used. From the production efficiency and cost of gold ore, the use of cone gold ore crusher can effectively reduce production costs. Because the cone gold ore crusher can provide a smaller product size, from the overall process, the use of laminated equipment to complete the main crushing of gold ore is the most economical mode of production.

The content of gold in the ore is very low. In order to extract gold, it is necessary to break and grind the ore and use the beneficiation method to pre-enrich or separate the gold from the ore. Gold ore dressing is more use of re-election and flotation, re-election method in the production of gold in the possession of a very important position, flotation method is widely used in the rock and gold mining method, the current 80% of China's rock gold mine The use of this method of gold, mineral processing technology and equipment level has been greatly improved.

Gold mine crushing and grinding

According to the survey, China's election gold factory using jaw-type gold ore crusher for coarse crushing, the use of standard conical crushed ore in the broken, and crushing is the use of short-head cone crater and the roller crushing machine. In the small and medium-sized gold mining plants are mostly used two closed-circuit mine, large-scale selection of gold plant with three sections of a closed mine process. In order to improve the mineral processing capacity, tap the potential of the equipment, the mine process has been modified to improve the utilization factor of the mill, the main measures taken is to implement more broken and less grinding, reducing the ore grain size.

Gold mine re-election

Re-election in the rock gold mine is widely used, as an auxiliary process, in the grinding circuit recovery of coarse gold, flotation and cyanidation process to create favorable conditions to improve the ore processing indicators to improve the total recovery of gold, And reduce costs to play a positive role. Shandong Province, about more than 10 election plant with the re-election of this process, the average total recovery rate can be increased by 2% to 3%, the enterprise economic benefits, according to incomplete statistics, each year can get millions of dollars in profits. Henan, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other provinces (regions) also achieved good results, using the main equipment chute, shaker, jig and short cone cyclone. From the majority of China's gold mine, floating-heavy joint process (flotation tailings re-election) is suitable for use, the future should be vigorously promote the stage grinding stage selection process, to promote the early harvest of the principle of beneficiation.

Gold flotation

According to the survey, about 80% of China's rock gold mine using flotation method of the election, the output of the concentrate sent to non-ferrous smelter processing. Due to the growing development of cyanide gold and enterprises to improve economic efficiency and reduce the loss of transportation, in recent years, product structure has undergone great changes, take more local treatment (of course, because of the contradiction between the election and pricing And other issues, forcing the mine on the spot to deal with) to promote the flotation process has a greater development in the gold production occupies a considerable important position. Usually pre-flotation and mixed flotation two processes. In recent years in the process of transformation and pharmaceutical additives system has made new progress, flotation recovery rate is also significantly improved. According to the national more than 40 gold plants, flotation process indicators survey results show that sulfide flotation recovery rate of 90%, a few as high as 95% to 97%; oxidation ore recovery rate of 75%; individual to 80% 85%. In recent years, the flotation process of innovation and scientific research results are many, the effect is obvious. Stage grinding process, heavy-floating joint process, is the main trend of the development of flotation process in China. This scientific research (in January 1988 the gold company passed the technical appraisal), for the flotation process transformation has been a new inspiration. Of course, the flotation method and other methods as is not a panacea, it is impossible for all gold-bearing ore are effective, mainly to consider the nature of the ore, in the choice of process, the need for a variety of arguments and tests. In recent years, in order to improve the sorting effect, in the process of continuous improvement at the same time, the system of pharmaceutical additives and mixed medication has also made a lot of improvement and research, in the dosing to achieve automatic control has also made new progress.


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