Mobile Crusher

Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher is the use of hammer high-speed impact, the material in the broken and crushing operations of mobile crushing machinery. Hammer head hinged to the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the lower part of the body with a grate to control the discharge particle size. The material fed into the mobile crusher was first crushed by the impact of the high-speed hammer, and at the same time gained kinetic energy, and the crushing of the crusher on the inner wall of the enclosure was broken at high speed. The material, which is smaller than the gap of the grate, is discharged outside the machine, and the block larger than the gap of the grate is again subjected to the impact and grinding of the hammer on the grate until it is discharged below the gap of the grate.Service online

Detailed Introduction

Internal Structure Optimization of Mobile Crusher

The mobile crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform grain size, less pulverized material and low energy consumption. But because of the hammer wear faster, in the application of hard materials broken by the restrictions; the other because the grate is afraid of clogging, it is not appropriate to use it to break the humidity and clay containing materials. This type of mobile crusher is usually used to break the brittle material such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, chalk and the like. The crusher of a mobile crusher is a ring crusher for a steel ring and is a variant of a mobile crusher. It uses high-speed impact and low-speed rolling of the combined effect to break the material, which can get more fine products, mainly used for power plant crushed coal, but can also be used for gypsum, salt chemical raw materials and some hard materials broken.

The hammer is the main working part, its design is the mobile crusher is mainly designed medium-sized hammer. The choice of hammer material is a critical issue. The choice of material depends on the working conditions and requirements of the working parts. Because the mobile crusher to break the limestone and other medium hardness of the material. General use of high-carbon steel forging or casting, can also be used high-manganese steel casting. In order to improve its wear resistance, the use of high manganese alloy steel, and some in the work surface coated with a layer of cemented carbide. And some use of high-chromium cast iron, the wear resistance than the high manganese steel hammer to increase several times. On the choice of materials, in the thematic section: to improve the wear resistance of hammer, there are special discussion. It is not described in detail. In short, the choice of hammer material, not only related to the working life of the hammer, mobile crusher production capacity, production efficiency, but also related to all aspects of economy.

Estimation of minimum diameter and length of mobile crusher shaft

After the parts are mounted and dismounted on the shaft, the shape of the shaft is generally determined, since the mounting sequence for the spindle is: first install the middle rotor section and then place it on the case and install the bearing End cover, followed by bearing, outer housing. The last two ends are pulleys and flywheels.

The shaft diameter required for the diameter of each shaft segment is related to the magnitude of the load on the shaft. In the initial determination of its diameter at the same time, usually do not know the role of the reaction force, can not determine the size and distribution of its bending moment. It is not possible to determine the diameter of the spindle by the specific load on the shaft and the stress it causes. However, the torque of the spindle can usually be obtained before the structural design is made. Therefore, the axis of the shaft is estimated by the torque of the shaft. And remember the minimum diameter at this time. And then in accordance with the spindle assembly plan and positioning requirements, from each one by one to determine the size of each shaft diameter. In addition, with the requirements of the shaft, the ball mill price should be used in the standard diameter, such as the installation of bearing shaft section, the installation of standard parts of the shaft section, should be taken as the corresponding standard diameter and selected with the tolerance.

Determine the length of each section of the spindle, as far as possible to make it compact, but also to ensure that the rotor and pulley, flywheel, bearing the required assembly and adjustment of the space, that is, It is necessary to take into account the necessary clearance between the axial dimensions of the parts and the main shaft and the adjacent parts. In front of the design has been calculated to get the rotor, flywheel, pulley of the general size, so the length of the shaft can be roughly determined.

Structural Design and Calculation of Mobile Crusher Disk

According to the design requirements, each pin on the mobile crusher manufacturers need to have eight hammers. The disc is used to hang the hammer, a total of nine discs, the two most of the two sides, the common feature is that the side of the lock nut, the other end with the shoulder position. The nut used is GB-812-85 so that each disc is evenly distributed in six round holes, that is, through the six pin, used to hang the hammer, hammer and the gap between the disc in addition to the shaft through the connection, but also There are spaced apart, in order to protect the side of the disc, reduce or try to avoid the side of the wear and tear. The size of the disc depends on the diameter of the rotor, and the diameter of the rotor is the size of the design of the disc. Because the model of the mobile crusher, by virtue of its model can know that the rotor diameter of 800mm, so the size of the disk has a certain range of the value of the range. May wish to take 560mm, round hole along the radial distance is also based on the ability to bear the load and strength, as far as possible to take the integer; round hole size and hammer round hole size is similar to the same.

The disc is connected to the spindle by means of a key and rotates with the spindle at high speed. So the structure must have a keyway, the thickness is to meet the strength requirements, working conditions. Should not be too big. The disc is also separated by a sleeve of the spindle (its effect is to ensure that the disc is moving smoothly and axially positioned during high speed rotation).


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