Ore Milling Equipment

Ore Milling Equipment

The shape and material of the grinding medium should meet and take into account the two requirements: one is as large as possible to provide the surface area with the grinding material in contact with the appropriate surface; the second is as large as possible to have the quality, Material required for the energy. It goes without saying that these two requirements must be related to the shape and use of the medium.Service online

Detailed Introduction

Analysis on Operating Conditions of Ore Milling Equipment

The influence of grinding media

The size of the grinding media is related to their impact on the material in the ore milling equipment, the impact of extrusion and grinding, a direct impact on the grinding effect. In determining the media size, the main consideration is the nature of the ore and the composition of the composition. Take the ball ore milling equipment as an example, in the treatment of large hardness, coarse grain ore, the need for greater impact, should be loaded into the larger size of the ball; when the ore is soft, to the ore particle size is small, and the requirements Grinding product size and fine, it should be loaded into the smaller size of the ball to increase the ball with the grinding material contact surface, enhance the grinding effect. Selecting the media size also takes into account the diameter and speed of the ore milling equipment. Large diameter, high speed ore milling equipment, the energy delivered to the media larger, you can use the smaller size of the media to increase its number, improve the grinding efficiency.

When the diameter, length and speed of the ore milling equipment are constant, the useful power of the ore milling equipment increases with the increase of the loading rate and the production capacity increases with the loading rate not exceeding 50%. But different speed has different limit loading rate, within the critical speed of operation, the ball ore milling equipment, the loading rate is usually 40% to 50%.

Grinding medium in the process of grinding materials, their own are constantly being worn, the larger gradually become smaller, and finally completely worn out or become debris from the ore milling equipment. In order to keep the ore milling equipment in the grinding process to maintain a different proportion of media in different sizes and to keep the medium filling rate constant, it is necessary to add a new medium and a quantity of new media to the ore milling equipment every day to compensate for wear Of the mass of the mass.

The impact of the milling speed of the ore milling equipment

When other conditions remain unchanged, the state of movement of the grinding media in the cylinder depends on the speed of the milling equipment. Medium movement state is different, grinding effect is not the same. Ore milling equipment, the lower speed, the media to the main activities of the overflow, the impact of smaller, grinding mainly for grinding, ore milling equipment production capacity is low, suitable for fine grinding; high speed, the media throwing movement The proportion of the larger proportion of the impact of strong, grinding to the impact of the main, grinding stripping the next, is conducive to crushing coarse-grained materials, ore milling equipment production capacity.

Ore milling equipment suitable working speed is the critical speed of 76% and 88%, China's current production of the ball ore milling rate of the majority of the rate of 75% to 80%, slightly lower than the theoretical calculation. In the actual production, the appropriate speed of ore milling equipment through the long-term production comparison test to determine, in the comparison, not only depends on the ore milling equipment production capacity, but also depends on power consumption, steel consumption and economic benefits. Of course, if the production capacity of ore milling equipment can not meet the design output quota, the appropriate increase in the speed of ore milling equipment, is still one of the effective measures to improve the processing capacity of the concentrator. But the ore milling equipment increased speed, vibration and wear and tear, we must pay attention to strengthen the management and maintenance. On the contrary, if the ore milling equipment production capacity is surplus, it should be appropriate to reduce its speed to reduce energy consumption and steel consumption, reduce grinding costs.

The influence of grinding concentration

The grinding concentration refers to the concentration of the pulp in the ore milling equipment during normal operation, either as a percentage of the solid content in the pulp (by mass) or as a ratio of the liquid mass to the solid mass in the slurry. concentration). Ore milling equipment ore discharge concentration is its grinding concentration. The size of the slurry in the milling equipment has a direct effect on the grinding effect of the medium, the flow performance of the pulp itself and the settling speed of the ore particles. When the grinding concentration is high, the buoyancy of the medium in the slurry is larger, the effective density is reduced, the impact force of the falling is weakened, and the striking effect is worse. When the content of solid ore particles in the thick slurry is higher, the viscosity of the slurry is larger, the mineral particles adhering to the medium are many, the chance of the medium striking and grinding the ore particles increases, and the grinding efficiency is improved. This is because the fine grinding of ore milling equipment depends mainly on the grinding medium for circular motion when the grinding shock effect. However, the grinding concentration can not be too high, otherwise it will greatly reduce the impact of the media and grinding activity, reduce grinding efficiency; and the slurry is too strong, poor pulp fluidity, coarse particles slow sink, overflow ball ore milling Equipment easy to run out of coarse sand, lattice ball ore milling equipment may be blocked and cause "belly belly." When the pulp concentration is low, the effective density of the medium in the pulp is larger, the impact force is stronger at the time of falling, but the viscosity of the slurry is low, the mineral particles adhering to the surface of the medium are less, the grinding effect is reduced, and the medium and lining Wear increased.

At the same time, the slurry is too thin, in the overflow-type ball ore milling equipment in the fine ore particles are also easy to sink, resulting in more crushed. Therefore, the pulp concentration is too high or too low is not good, the appropriate grinding concentration according to the nature of ore, feed and product size and media properties to determine. In general, the grinding concentration should be higher when dealing with coarse ore, coarse and large ores, and the grinding concentration is lower when the ore is finely divided, the hardness is small and the density is small.


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