CS Cone Crusher

Excellent Cone Crusher Used For Hard Materials Crushing

Cone crusher is currently most widely used and has the largest stroking in the crusher machinery. After optimization, the structure of CS series spring cone crusher is more efficient. Comparing with other kinds of crushers, CS Series spring cone crusher is quite excellent in hard material crushing and the final products has good sharp. The innovations like stable lubrication system and excellent sealing system evidently reduce the production cost, helping you to achieve the highest level of profitability. Service online

Detailed introduction

Technical features and advantages

  • High yields and high grade final products;
  • With grease seal and upstage sealing element imported from Japan, provide sturdy guarantee for long-playing stable operation of machine;
  • Overload protective system can effectively ensure safety of crusher;
  • Easy to control discharging size by using different crushing cavity and adjusting device.

Working principles and applications

Main Applications:

CS series cone crusher is applied to cement mill, mining, building construction, road &bridge construction, railway construction and metallurgy and some other industries. Materials like iron ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, cobblestone and some others are easily crushed by cone crusher.

Technical data

Model Movable Cone Diametermm (inch) Chamber Style Opening Side Closed Side Discharging Opening (mm) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Capacity (t/h) Machine Size (mm)
Max.Feeding (mm)
CSB75 900 (3′) medium 83 102 9-22 580 6-75 Y315S-6/75 45-91 2821×1880 ×2164
coarse 159 175 13-38 59-163
CSD75 914 (3′) fine 13 41 3-13 580 6-75 Y315S-6/75 27-90 2821×1880 ×2410
medium 33 60 3-16 27-100
coarse 51 76 6-19 65-140
CSB160 1295 (4 1/4′) fine 109 137 13-31 485 6-185 Y355M2-6/185 109-181 2800×2342 ×2668
medium 188 210 16-31 132-253
coarse 216 241 19-51 172-349
CSD160 1295 (4 1/4′) fine 29 64 3-16 485 6-160 Y355M1-6/160 36-163 2800×2342 ×2668
medium 54 89 6-16 82-163
coarse 70 105 10-25 109-227
CSB240 1650 (5 1/2′) fine 188 209 16-38 485 6-240   181-327 3911×2870 ×3771
medium 213 241 22-51   258-417
coarse 241 268 25-64   299-635
CSD240 1650 (5 1/2′) fine 35 70 5-13 485 6-240   90-209 3917×2870 ×3771
medium 54 89 6-19   136-281
coarse 98 133 10-25   190-336
CSB400 2134 (7′) fine 253 278 19-38 435 6-400   381-726 5200×4300 ×4700
medium 303 334 25-51   608-998
coarse 334 369 31-64   870-1400
CSD400 2134 (7′) fine 51 105 5-16 435 6-400   190-408 5200×4300 ×4700
medium 95 133 10-19   354-508
coarse 127 178 13-25   454-599

The use of cone crusher

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgical industry, construction industry, chemical industry and silicate plant industry. Suitable for crushing medium hardness and other minerals and rocks, such as: iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone and so on.

The structure and composition of the cone crusher

1, the cone crusher work, the motor through the elastic coupling, drive shaft and a pair of bevel gears driven eccentric sleeve rotation, broken cone line in the eccentric sleeve under the adaptation of the swing movement. So that the broken wall and curling wall sometimes close, sometimes away from the ore in the crushing chamber constantly under the backlog and impact, and was broken.

2, cone crusher by the rack, drive shaft, eccentric sets, bowl-type bearings, broken cones, support sets, adjustment sets, feed, spring, flexible coupling, lubrication, electrical and other components.

Cone Crusher Structure

Maintenance of Cone Crusher

  • 1, cone crusher work, should pay attention to matters

    (1) the ore must be given in the middle of the distribution disk, not allowed to direct ore to the crushing chamber, otherwise the machine will overload and liner wear uneven. Correct ore conditions: Ore is distributed evenly in the crushing chamber. To the ore can not be higher than the sand surface of the wall.

    (2) the maximum size of the ore block shall not be equal to the size of the ore port, otherwise it will reduce the production and the liner is not normal wear and tear, sometimes caught the upper part of the spindle caused by the end of the break.

    (3) not allowed to start the load, the load will cause an accident.

    (4) parking, you must first stop to mine, so that all the ore has entered the crushing chamber is broken, and excluded before stopping.

    (5) often through the unbreakable objects or non-broken objects in the crushing chamber for a long time, will lead to damage to the main parts of the machine, so the user must take measures to prevent the machine often fall into the non-broken objects. Such as in the transport belt on the placement of metal detectors and suspended magnets in the removal of metal in the ore, the current spindle fracture and more due to the crushing chamber into large pieces of metal, the loss of the insurance spring caused by the rapid increase in spindle load.

  • 2, cone crusher production and the way to the ore, to the ore block, the size of the ore block, the physical and mechanical properties of ore, temperature and so on, so a wide range of production changes, the factory given the output is calculated under the specified conditions Approximate value.
  • 3, the adjustment of mine discharge

    (1) Due to the wear of the broken wall and the mortar wall, the discharge port is enlarged. Therefore, the size of the discharge port must be adjusted regularly. The hydraulic pump can be adjusted by pushing the cylinder.

    (2) in the sand bar wall circumference and other steel wire shot method through the crushing chamber equidistant four points, check the discharge port size, adjust the good, re-tighten the bolt.

  • 4, spring adjustment

    (1) the spring is to protect the machine from damage when the cone crusher enters the nonbreaking material. So the spring pressure and the machine to adapt to the crushing force, the normal work, the spring is not moving, only in the crushing chamber into the iron so that the machine overload, only lift the support sleeve so that the spring is compressed.

    (2) cone crusher in normal work, sometimes beating, which is not normal, must carefully analyze the reasons, take measures to exclude, if the wrong compression spring not only does not work, but may damage the parts, because the compression spring will Causing an increase in crushing force. Resulting in the upper part of the machine beating for the following reasons: to mine uneven or too much ore; to the mine contains too small pieces or powdery ore; discharge gap is too small.

  • 5, the replacement of the mortar wall

    (1) The mortar wall is made of U-bolts on the adjustment ring, the two are injected between the zinc alloy, so that fastening bonding.

    (2) the new installation or replacement of sand mortar wall, when the cone crusher work 6 to 8 hours, should check the barbed wall tightening situation, and to tighten the U-bolt again to prevent loose sand wall, if the loose wall When the machine is not allowed to work, otherwise it will damage the sand and the adjustment of the ring between the zinc alloy, and damage the new sand shell wall.

  • 6, broken wall replacement

    (1) the broken wall is fastened to the body with a conical head, not fastened before the cone crusher is not allowed to work, otherwise the broken wall will damage and damage between the broken wall and the body of zinc alloy.

    (2) the new installer to replace the broken wall, when the cone crusher work 6 to 8 hours, should check the broken wall tightening situation, if the occurrence of loose, should immediately stop fastening.

  • 7, bevel gear meshing

    Due to friction so that the disc wear, will affect the bevel gear gap, the total thickness of the disc should be checked twice a year, in order to ensure the normal gear meshing, must be added on the bottom cover gasket, the gasket thickness should be equal to the friction circle The amount of disc wear.

  • 8, bowl-shaped bearings

    (1) overhaul, the bowl should be supported bearing spherical surface grinding to ensure that the broken cone and the bowl-shaped pad in the cylindrical contact, the contact length of 0.3 ~ 0.5R, and along the circumference to maintain 0.5 ~ 1mm wedge gap, as shown in Figure 13 As shown, for a period of time that is supported on the entire surface of the sphere.

    (2) work, should always pay attention to the contact of the bowl-shaped pad, are not allowed to break the cone surface and bowl-shaped bearing inner round contact.

    (3) broken cone surface and bowl-shaped pad contact spots, in every 25 × 25mm2 area shall not be less than 1 point.

    (4) bowl-shaped bearing frame and the rack to be fixed, if the bowl-shaped bearing frame and the rack has a gap, must be processed.

  • 9, the bushing and the frame with the transition with the replacement of the new lining, the actual size of the rack hole should be configured.
  • 10, between the sleeve and the eccentric sleeve into the zinc alloy is to prevent rotation of the sleeve. Zinc alloy to fill the gap, due to hot zinc alloy may cause deformation of the sleeve, so the new shaft set is good, should check the size D1d1, D2d2, B, etc., should be corrected.
  • 11, the gap between the eccentric sleeve and the rack bushing and the gap between the spindle and the sleeve should conform to a = 3 ~ 3.6mm; b = 2.9 ~ 3.6mm; c = 9 ~ 10mm.
  • 12, water seal dust device

    (1) in order to protect the lubricating oil is not dirty and the main pieces of dust from the role, and the use of water seal dust device, the use of attention should be:

    A, do not use dirty water. B, not too much water, too much will cause oil and water mixed phenomenon. C, from the back to the water bell often observed back to the water situation. D, often check the ring ring and dust ring work, and clean the sink.


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